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"Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward." – Brian Tracy

X.C.C.L. has been created on the philosophy that a person experiences growth in three ways:
The Books Read * Experiences Had * People Met

Through this unique professional development program you are able to expect your experiences to include the following

Here are just some examples of the books that participants are encouraged to read to challenge growth:

  • Start With Why
  • The Go Giver
  • The Who
  • Contagious Marketing
  • Mindset

Participants can expect well rounded experiences throughout X.C.C.L.:

  • 30 months in a paid entrepreneur and leadership program in a 14+ million-dollar enterprise
  • Becoming a Certified Trainer through Chick-fil-A Support Center, and successfully participate in no less than 1 grand opening
  • Interview and hire on behalf of your store
  • Create and execute a marketing/promotion event
  • Participating in community service projects
  • Leadership conferences

The people met:

  • Sharing experiences and feedback with the area business consultant form the Support Center
  • Having a mentor relationship with executive leaders
  • Having one on one meetings with the owner/operator and executive leadership team
  • Attending leadership seminars with executive coaches and successful entrepreneurs and CEO's

Our communities are rich in influential leaders, seeking to change the world, here are just a few leaders that current participants have had an opportunity to learn from:

Proudly Presented by-Chick-fil-A & Chicken and Rice LLC.