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Participants' Experience

As we strive to X.C.C.L. we seek to place only the best candidates into the program, thus a rigorous interview process is in place:
Once the candidate as submitted both a resume with a letter of interest and an online application, candidates can expect the interview process to take 1-1.5 months.

The initial interview is a phone interview that is 15-30 minutes in length. This interview will go through your full employment and educational background. Your employment and educational profile will be shared with your interview team once selected to move into the next phase in the interview process. 

The 2nd step in the interview process is an in person or Facetime/Skype interview, based on residential locality. Candidates can expect to interview with the Human Resource Director and a member of the executive leadership team. If necessary, once an interview date has been agreed upon
, the candidate's career services department at his/her college or university will be notified to provide an excused absence from studies.

The final step in the interview process is a face to face interview with the Operator and Executive Leadership team, current X.C.C.L participants and Human Resource Director. This interview day will be 4 hours in length with a total of 3 interviews. The candidate will be invited to a lunch with members of the interviewing team. During this interview, candidates should expect to participate in an experiential interview and if selected for the final interviewing stage will be provided with detailed instructions prior to the interview. 

Applicants can expect to receive feedback from their application within 2 weeks. 

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." – Wayne Gretzky

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