Meet Grant - Liberty University 2015 Graduate in Public Relations and Marketing

I originally joined X.C.C.L. to gain experience on how to effectively run a business so that one day I can become a business owner. It wasn't until I was in the program for a couple months that I realized the potential to actually be an Owner/Operator within Chick-fil-A. I hope to gain more experience on how to truly lead a team efficiently towards our goals.

Personal goal I have for the program are by the end of the 2 1/2 years to meet the expectations of my mentors and that I have grown other individuals on the team.
After the program, my goal is to enter the LDP for Chick-fil-A Inc. which can lead me into being an operator at Chick-fil-A. I believe my experience would also be good to launch me into a long-term career with Chick-fil-A Inc. Currently, Grant built on his knowledge with Chick-fil-A to accept an external role. 

Meet Stephen - Liberty University 2016 Graduate in Human Resources

I recently joined the "Center of the Universe" Chick-fil-A leadership team this past May. I have always had a passion in the development/growth of people; and how, as a leader, I can play a major role in this area. I saw through the Leadership Development Program I had an opportunity to not only grow as a leader, but to impact others in their growth as leaders as well. I was also intrigued by the fact that I would be working for Chick-fil-A, and who wouldn't love that? 
I have some personal development goals that I would love to polish up on during my time here. I want to continue to develop my operational skills of the business because I am still relatively new. But as a leader, I want to continue to develop my overall leadership skills as a whole. With that said, I specifically want to continue to strengthen my communication skills since this is so vital to everything we do. 
 While I have only been working at Chick-fil-A for 3 months now, I have developed a passion for the business. I truly love what I do and the company that I work for. I am strongly considering my pursuit in becoming an operator of my own Chick-fil-A. I know this is attainable because I have the leaders and mentors in place to help me along the way. Currently Stephen is a X.C.C.L. graduate and accepted a position as a Director of People at a local Chick-fil-A.

Meet Jonathan - Liberty University 2016 Graduate in Marketing Analytics

I recently graduated from Liberty University. I have been enjoying my experience at Chick-fil-A in the Leadership Development Program. The program is challenging and exciting as I strive to learn the ins and outs of the business. The position has forced me to step out of comfort zones, quickly take on a leadership role, and work closely with my peers to accomplish store goals. I hope to operate a Chick-fil-A store in the near future, and with Howe Rice and his crew, I know I will be able to succeed.Currently Jon is serving on the Executive team at Chicken and Rice LLC. and plans to pursue opening the first Alaska Based Chick-fil-A. 

Shannon Minnis - Shippensburg University 2018 Graduate in Marketing and Analytics

Shannon joined Chick-fil-A Virginia Center Marketplace and Center of the Universe from Shippensburg University in PA. Shannon has 4 years of previous Chick-fil-A internship and is excited to play an active role on the Marketing team through X.C.C.L. At the end of her program, Shannon intends to apply for a Marketing role at Chick-fil-A Support Center.

Meet Jazmine - Randolf Macon College 2015 Graduate in Vocals

 I have been working with Chick-fil-a for several years. Fortunately, I knew that as soon as I graduated from college I would want to be a part of this wonderful opportunity and journey. I have personally grown from this experience in just the past year alone. I have also had the time of my life getting to know and grow with others that share a similar passion with me. I have been given so many opportunities throughout this program that I will never take for granted. I currently have the privilege to be the Director of Operations; all because of this journey. My big dream is to one day become an Operator of my own Chick-fil-A franchise. I know and believe that with the help of God and also with the help of the great leaders around me, I will one day become that Operator. This program is the jump-start to my beautiful journey. Currently, Jazmine is working for Chick-fil-A Corporate as a Grand Opening Trainer. 

Meet Tony - George Mason University 2013 Graduate in Economics

I joined the Chick-fil-A Leadership Program because I wanted to apply my education and experience towards a company and a staff that I both firmly believe in and enthusiastically enjoy. Since committing to the program, I have become increasingly more confident in my commitment. I have never worked for a more vigorous team dedicated to excellence, team work and service. I intend to use this program to more thoroughly complete my leadership training and develop the skills necessary to cultivate a strong team around myself as my leaders have for themselves. In the years to come I hope to either add a unique leadership to an executive team or perhaps even operate my own store(s). I am excited to discover what this program will develop in me. Currently Tony sits on the Executive Team at Chicken and Rice LLC and leads the drive thru at Virginia Center Marketplace.